Highway and Airport Slipform Pavers and Support Equipment

G&Z Slipform Pavers are the most trusted machines in the business. In 1956, G&Z pioneered and introduced the first concrete highway and airport slipform pavers mounted on crawler tracks with automatic line and grade control. Today, G&Z offers a wide range of concrete slipform paver models along with other support equipment, such as mechanical Dowel Bar Inserters, Placer Spreaders and Texture Cure Machines to suit your present and anticipated future needs.

These equipment designs are based on G&Z's more than half a century of experience. G&Z paving equipment is built to last under the rigors of job site use, transport, and configuration changes. Unique productivity features are incorporated in their design to reduce the time required to transport, maneuver, and change paving widths without sacrificing the performance advantage you have come to expect from a G&Z.

G&Z's experience and passion for detail, along with the input of leading paving contractors worldwide, has resulted in a midsize slipform paver that sets the standard. Design goals achieved include:

  • Dramatically reduced transport and reconfiguration time.
  • Narrow profile design to pave in tight confines.
  • Use of high quality electronic and hydraulic circuitry.
  • Dramatically reduced heat and noise for the operator.
  • Exceptional maneuverability and ease of operation.
  • Unsurpassed structural integrity.


Paving Range*

Max. Paving Thickness**

Engine Power***


S1500 18 - 52 ft. (5.5 - 16 m) 18 in. (457 mm) 415 HP (309 kW) 126,500 lbs. 57,239 kg)
S850 12 - 41 ft. (3.6 - 12.5 m) 18 in. (457 mm) 415 HP (309 kW) 108,000 lbs. (48,988 kg)
S600 8 - 34 ft. (2.5 - 10 m) 18 in. (457 mm) 302 HP (225 kW) 82,000 lbs. (37,194 kg)
S400 7 - 24.6 ft. (2 - 7.5 m) 18 in. (457 mm) 173 HP (125 kW) 64,000 lbs. (29,029 kg)

Concrete Placer Spreaders


Spreading Range*

Belt Width

Engine Power


MP550 N/A 36 in. (914 mm) 300 HP (224 kW) 45,000 Lbs. (20,412 kg)
PS1200 18 - 41 ft. (5.5 - 12.5 m) 64 in. (1.6 m) 275 HP (205 kW) 92,500 Lbs. (41,957 kg)

Concrete Texture Cure Machines


Working Range

Engine Power


TC1500 12 - 56 ft. (3.6 - 17 m) 74 hp (55 kW) 23,000 Lbs (10,432 kg)

Concrete Slipform Paving Equipment Options


Applicable Equipment


EGON Telematics All Equipment Equipment Guidance & Operation Network
Compact Dowel Bar Inserter (CDBI) S1500, S850, S600, S400 Automatic Dowel Bar Inserter
Stringless Paving Solutions All Equipment Stringless Placing, Paving, and Tining
TeleEnds, TeleEnds XL/XXL S1500, S850, S600, S400 Telescopic Paving Kit End Sections

* 'Paving / Placing Range' reflects standard machine. Custom paving widths both narrower and wider can be achieved.
** 'Max. Paving Thickness' reflects standard machine. Custom paving thicknesses can be achieved.
*** 'Engine Power' reflects standard machine. Larger engine horse powers are available dpending upon the hydraulic needs.
**** 'Weight' reflects standard machine. Machine weight will vary based upon paving width and options.

***** 'All machine specifications are approximate.


Slipform Paver Information

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