TeleEnd Telescopic Paving Kit End Section

The optional and patented G&Z TeleEnds: Telescopic Paving Kit End Sections provide the contractor the ability to perform paving kit width changes rapidly, without the use of cranes, and with only a one or two-person crew. A width change which could typically take a three to four person crew 6 to 10 hours can now be performed by a one or two person crew in less than two hours. For a width change involving a single spacer less than one hour.

"We could not have met the current schedule with any other piece of equipment than the G&Z S850 with the Telescopic End Sections."

-Ron Mockelman
Hawkins Construction Co.
Eppley Airfield Project-2009

Quick Width Change Capability:
TeleEnd — 3 ft. (915 mm) per side
TeleEndXL — nom. 4 ft. (1,250 mm) per side
TeleEndXXL - nom. 6.5 ft. (2,000 mm) per side

TeleEnd Telescopic Paving Kit End Section Illustration

TeleEnd Telescopic Paving Kit End Section Exploded View
TeleEnds Telescopic End Sections Video

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