G&Z Concrete Slipform Paving Equipment Operations Software

Paving stringless all starts with the equipment's operation software. G&Z's Concrete Slipform Paving Equipment Operation Software is a cutting edge Operator Control System that incorporates user friendly operator features and networked micro-controllers to allow extensive monitoring and performance tuning capabilities. G&Z's software engineering team has taken paver operation and reconfiguration to a new level. With automated processes for many features and configurations it's never been easier to operate a piece of slipform paving equipment. The Operator Console features intuitively organized switches making this an extremely durable, easy to use, user interface. This system is available standard on the S600, S850, S1500, TC1500, and PS1200. With current advances to the Operator Control System, Stringless Guidance is available with the Leica 3D Stringless System by utlizing G&Z's NoLine: Stringless Preparation Kit.

NoLine Stringless Preparation Kit

The NoLine: Stringless Preparation Kit can be included as an option on all G&Z Pavers and Support Equipment. NoLine is comprised of a software upgrade and a hardware kit. The NoLine Software Upgrade integrates the use of stringless technology directly into the machine's CANBus network (via Leica's "DirectConnect" software). The NoLine Hardware Kit provides telescopic masts for the total station prisms (only necessary on pavers) and battery backup. NoLine makes paving stringless easy through reliable, proven and integrated software.

Leica Direct Connect Plus G&Z NoLine

Leica Geosystems' unique, world's-first 3D paving control system, was successfully launched over a decade ago, and is continuously refined, based on Leica's worldwide user community's feedback to save contractors time and money, increase site safety and optimize paving jobsite logistics.

Replacing stringlines, Leica Geosystems total stations precisely track the machine's position and elevation. A PC mounted on the machine calculates and compares to the design model's grade and position. Steer and elevation corrections are sent to the G&Z microcontroller via the NoLine Software Upgrade, which regulates the paver's hydraulics for precise control.

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