G&Z Products

G&Z's engineering and manufacturing teams work closely together to ensure that all G&Z products that roll out the door are built to precise specifications and the highest quality.  Detailed internal systems have been put into place to increase the flow of products in the shop while at the same time increasing quality assurance.

G&Z products are produced by technicians that are the pinnacle of their field.  Many G&Z technicians have been working for the company for decades.  Leveraging that experience and skill has been the success of each G&Z product line.

Whether a customer is in need of a custom piece of machinery or a staple product, care is made to guide that product from engineering to the shop with speed and accuracy unmatched in the industry.


Highway and Aiport Slipform Pavers and Support Equipment

Guntert & Zimmerman's Slipform Pavers are the most trusted machines in the business. In 1956, G&Z pioneered and introduced the first concrete highway and airport slipform pavers mounted on crawler tracks with automatic line and grade control. Today, G&Z offers a wide range of concrete slipform paver models along with other support equipment, such as mechanical Dowel Bar Inserters, Placer Spreaders and Texture Cure Machines to suit your present and anticipated future needs.

Concrete Canal Equipment Concrete Canal Equipment

G&Z pioneered the use of mechanized canal construction equipment by supplying their first set of canal machines in 1947. Beginning in 1956, G&Z pioneered the use of canal trimming and lining equipment mounted on crawler tracks equipped with automatic line and grade control. G&Z also pioneered sectionalizing the machine frames to allow them to be reconfigured to fit a wide variety of canal sizes.

Eagle Bucket Wheel Trenchers Eagle Bucket Wheel Trenchers

Guntert & Zimmerman is committed to manufacturing the highest quality wheel trenchers to increase productivity, lower operating costs, and ensure ease of operation. Eagle Trenchers are an excellent choice for a wide variety of high production trenching applications, such as foundations, utilities, irrigation, and fiber optic installations. Eagle Trenchers are built rugged enough for the toughest jobs and when the job is done...a clean superior end product is left behind.