How We Operate?

  • Our service techs not only intimately know the equipment but also the concrete paving process.
  • Whatever your need, we’ll do everything we can to take care of it.
  • The service department is reachable 24/7 by phone and e-mail.
  • We assist not only in commissioning, training and teaching the best maintenance practices of G&Z equipment, but also consulting in the areas of mix design analysis and construction techniques.
  • Our goal is to see your paver perform above and beyond any specifications or expectations.

24 Hour / 7 Days / Direct Line for G&Z Service: +1 (209) 599-5604

Pre-Sale Support

At G&Z, we are continually searching for more efficient ways to retrieve, maintain and circulate information on our products and our industry so we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs. G&Z’s library is full of valuable technical information that is available for your use. Our professional sales and marketing staff will provide you with rapid and thorough responses to your requests for information. From a basis of understanding the various construction disciplines where our equipment is used, we are readily available to discuss your questions and needs, present and future.

Post- Sale Support

G&Z’s staff has a simple unwavering instruction... when a customer calls, drop what you are doing and take care of the customer’s needs, NOW. Our dedicated staff is knowledgeable about the various construction disciplines where our equipment is used. If there is a question a staff member cannot answer for you, they will quickly put you in touch with someone who can. Rapid response to our customer’s parts needs is facilitated by G&Z’s readily available stock of parts and our location in central California. There are four major international airports within 1.5 hours of the factory, allowing counter-to-counter airfreight service. Same day service is possible, depending on the time of the call.