Since 1983 when Guntert & Zimmerman's (G&Z) first four-track mainline slipform paver was introduced, the S1500 model has undergone continuous improvements. G&Z strives for perfection in its products so end users gain a distinct productive advantage in today's extremely competitive paving market. The S1500 paver is designed to be the paver of choice for high quality concrete multi-lane paving even under the strictest profilograph requirements. The S1500 can pave widths from 18ft. (5.5 m)* to 56 ft. (17 m). The S1500 paver can be ordered with a wide array of optional attachments to meet your needs and to provide you with a competitive edge.

Recent improvements to the S1500 design center around the main frame structure / pan system to dramatically improve ease of transportation, width change, and changing of crown locations (the S1500 can be equipped with up to three crown points). The S1500 features a double telescopic tractor frame with the largest telescopic range in the industry, along with a separate robust paving kit common to all G&Z paver models. The S1500 also features a CAT C9.3 ACERT Tier 4f / Stage V Diesel Engine, 415 hp (309 kW) @ 2,100 RPM with combination radiator / heat exchanger, etc. Improvements in operator visibility, paver maneuverability, troubleshooting and ease of operation have also been made.

*Narrower paving widths are possible. Consult with the G&Z factory.

S1500 Slipform Paver Specificatons

Min. paving width
Max. paving width

18' (5.5 m)
52' - 6" (16 m)

App. operating length

30’-7” (9.3 m)

Tractor telescopic capability

18' to 42' (5.5 m to 12.8 m) without bolt-in extensions


CAT® C9.3B ACERT Tier 4f / Stage V Diesel Engine, 415 HP (309 kW) @ 2,100 RPM (“C” Rating)

Required track path

2'-8 1/2" (822 mm) with 20" (508 mm) grouser pads 12 3/8" (314 mm) away from edge of pavement

Diesel fuel tank

180 U.S. Gallon (681L)
DEF Tank 12.6 U.S.Gallon (48L)

App. operating weight:
Base machine 24' (7.5m) with crown section

126,500 lbs. (57,239 kg)

Hydraulic tank

190 U.S. gallon (718 l)

Add. weight of FF and supports

 5,400 lbs. (2,449 kg)

Water tank

200 U.S. gallon (756 l) Polyurethane

Add. weight of Front TBI

1,000 lbs. (452 kg)

Concrete poker vibrators

Hydraulic or Electric

App. operating height

15’-0” (4575 mm) plus the slab thickness

Crawler track drive

Working Speed (app.): 0 - 5.79 fpm (0 – 19 Mpm)
Travel Speed (app.): 0 - 28.95 fpm (0 – 95 Mpm)

** 'Max. Paving Thickness' reflects standard machine. Custom paving thicknesses can be achieved.

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