The G&Z S600 Slipform Paver is designed around a multi-purpose tractor frame that makes it ideal for city street, secondary roads, highway and airport paving as well as a wide range of other applications such as barrier walls, off-set paving and zero or minimum clearance paving. The S600 Slipform Paver's design has redefined what mobility means for a small paver without sacrificing the same performance advantages contractors have come to expect from G&Z's large and mid-size slipform pavers. Utilizing G&Z's time tested and rugged paving kit design, the S600 is capable of achieving excellent ride numbers on the toughest IRI and zero blanking band projects.

In 2019, the S600 Slipform Paver Power Unit has been completely redesigned.  It features ultra low emissions, CAT C7.1, 302 HP (225 kW) six-cylinder diesel engine which is US EPA Tier 4f / EU stage V compliant. The redesign includes improved serviceability with better access to the pumps and filters. The diesel fuel tank (along with the DEF tank) have been relocated off the end of the Power Unit. The Power Unit electrical and hydraulic filtration systems have been completely upgraded and include enhanced monitoring of hydraulic circuits flow, pressure and filter condition.

The S600 features a double telescopic tractor frame, access walkway, and hose hinge system for a nominal working range of 8' to 22' (2.5 - 6.75 m) the widest range in the industry. With the use of bolt-in tractor frame extensions, the S600 tractor can be used to pave out to 34' (10 m) without a Dowel Bar Inserter (DBI)*. The versatility of the S600 tractor allows the contractor to quickly switch between applications and paving widths. The tractor components including center module, bolsters, and jacking columns are designed with universal bolting patterns offering a wide range of three and four track tractor configurations with or without swing legs. The S600 Slipform Paver is the narrowest profile machine on the market. In standard paving mode, there is less than 2' (610 mm) from edge of pavement to widest point on the paver with sensor support arms removed. The paving kit, front tie bar inserters and many of the other optional attachments on the S600 are interchangeable with other G&Z slipform paver models, giving the contractor a highly utilized fleet of paving equipment.

* With hydraulic vibrators, the S600 can pave out to 26' (8 m) with a DBI. With electric vibrators, the S600 Slipform Paver can pave out to 32' (9.5 m) wide with a DBI.

Min. paving width
Max. paving width

8' (2.5 m)
34' (10 m) without DBI

App. operating length

27' - 9" (8.5 m)

Tractor telescopic capability

8' to 22' (2.4 m to 6.7 m) without bolt-in extensions


6-Cylinder CAT C7.1 Diesel Engine US Federal Tier 4f / EU Stage V Intermittent Horsepower @ 2200 RPM, 302 hp (225 kW)

Required track path

1' - 9 1/2" (546 mm)

Diesel fuel tank

  160 U.S. gallon (606 l)

App. operating weight:
Base machine 24' (7.5m) without optional equipment

82,000 lbs. (37,194 kg)

Hydraulic tank

  200 U.S. gallon (756 l)

Add. weight of FF and supports

 5,400 lbs. (2,449 kg)

Water tank

  200 U.S. gallon (756 l) Polyurethane

Add. weight of Front TBI

1,000 lbs. (452 kg)

Concrete poker vibrators

  Hydraulic or Electric

App. operating height

12' - 8 1/2" (3.9 m) plus the slab thickness

Crawler track drive

  Working Speed (app.): 0 - 23 fpm (0 - 7 mpm)
  Travel Speed (app.): 0 - 85 fpm (0 - 26 mpm)

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