Guntert & Zimmerman’s Parts Department is one of the company’s many assets. The Parts Department is available 24/7 reducing downtime and giving our customers the peace of mind that we’re always available.  G&Z Inside Sales, has close to two decades of parts experience with G&Z machines. Their expertise allows our customers to receive the right parts the first time. 

As a company, we pride ourselves in our customer service.  That is why we have a reliabvle inventory management policy in place to ensure availability of spare parts when a customer needs them. If we don’t have a needed item, we’ll find it for you quickly. With G&Z it’s not necessary to talk to an under stocked distributor. Customers speak directly to the manufacturing plant in Ripon, CA.  If you do not know the part number G&Z's staff can promptly locate the correct part for your machine and in many instances have it shipped the same day.

Parts Department:
+1 (209) 599-0066 ext 236, 224

Driven by the rapid development of the concrete paving industry and the need for new solutions G&Z is offering upgrades for its concrete equipment line to increase machine productivity and the effectiveness of the contractors.

  • EGON Control System UpgradeEGON is an advanced operator control system that gives an operator user friendly controls as well as provides monitoring options and diagnostics capabilities. Older generation pavers, DBIs and TC1500s are available to be upgraded.
  • EGON Telematics Upgrade ServiceEGON Telematics is a powerful remote diagnostic, monitoring and troubleshooting system and is a necessary paving fleet management tool. Since 2018 G&Z has been producing a complete paving equipment line that is “Telematics ready”. By activating the subscription annually for each machine G&Z contractors can manage their fleet via personalized online interface. 
  • EGON Corner Operations Pendant (COP) Box Upgradeprovides the optional ground level control of all swing legs from individual handheld boxes with emergency stop button.
  • S600 System Upgrade with Belly PackG&Z’s custom-made Belly Pack Operator Control Console provides great flexibility to the operator. The wireless control console is relocatable and complete with user-friendly EGON Telematics (G&Z proprietary software) with fault / self-diagnostic capability and all the G&Z features you have come to expect. This system upgrade gives your S600 a new life by making it compatible with all the modern accessories.
  • S850 Cooling / Quiet Engine Packagethis upgrade results in reduction of noise, increased fuel economy and reduces the load on the engine.
  • S850 Concrete Spreader Plow Upgrade a spreader plow is constantly in touch with concrete mix which makes this part of the paver very susceptible to wear. G&Z offers to upgrade the plow system either partially or completely depending on the contractor’s need.
  • S850 Cold Start Bypass Kitthis preventive measure is especially useful in cold climates. Winter morning starts put an extra load on the engine. With this upgrade kit motors and pumps are disengaged to allow the engine to start easier.
  • S850 Slew Drive Upgrade this upgrade provides for the change of the Jacking Columns with a limited rotational capability to the 360-degree rotational AccuSteer slew drives.
  • Hydraulics Clamping Pucks Upgradethis upgrade is the replacement of standard mechanical pucks with hydraulic clamping pucks to reduce the labor cost and time for resizing a paver’s tractor frame. The offer is valid for S400, S600 and S850 paver models.
  • Pressure Filter Upgrade for Open Loop Circuitthis upgrade is offered for S600, S850, S1500 and the PS1200 to prevent the contamination throughout the whole hydraulic system as well as allowing for a filtration monitoring system.
  • DBI OCB Longer Pans Upgrade improves paving smoothness
  • Leica / Trimble Prism Mount Posts with Electric Winchthis upgrade is the replacement of the standard manual prism mounts with electrically raised / lowered masts.

For more information on the features and prices please contact G&Z Parts Department