Eagle Bucket Wheel Trenchers

ET6300 Side View

ET6300 Rear View

Standard Features
  • Engine: 6 cylinder, water cooled, Diesel, US EPA Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA compliant, turbocharged, 275HP (205kW) at 2100rpm, Intermittent Rating
  • Depth: 1’-6” (0.46m) minimum / 4’ (1.22m) maximum
  • Slopes: 1:1, 1.25:1, and 1.5:1 as ordered
  • Bottom Width: Nominal 1’ (0.3m) to 4’ (1.22m) maximum cut depending on slope and depth. Consult with G&Z factory on your exact canal cross sections
  • Teeth: Hensley X156 or equivalent with roll pin
  • Digging Wheel: Hydraulic Motor Drive mounted directly to the wheel head shaft with bolt-on cast steel split sprockets driving the wheel rim segments
  • Wheel Rim: False style rims with weld-on cast steel segment
  • Rotary Drive: Rotary output shaft driven off a bolt on “bull gear” running off bucket wheel rim segments. Bull gear drives slope rotaries
  • Manual/Automatic Steering and Elevation Control: Includes sensors, adjustable supports, and cross slope control in reference to a single stringline
  • Conveyor: Reversible hydraulic drive for either right or left conveyor discharge, 30” (0.76m) wide x 11’-6” (3.50m) long. The conveyor length is custom made to fit your application and is rated at 0 - 1000fpm (0 - 305m/min). Includes hydraulic conveyor shift mechanism
  • Undercarriage: G&Z D-4 size Crawlers, track chain with Split Master Link. High reduction planetary gearboxes. Undercarriage mounted to a separate subframe, and center pin connected to the tractor body. Machine equipped with Cross Level Control System which includes hydraulic cylinders for cross level control for 15 degree maximum angle
  • Speed Range:
    Working Speed: 0 - 29fpm (0 - 8.8m/min)
    Travel Speed: 0 - 186fpm (0 - 56m/min)
  • Weight: Approx. 61,000lbs (27,669kg) depending on the configuration
  • Lighting: DC Night Lighting System which includes 4ea. LED Lamps
  • Operator Cabin: Includes heating / air conditioning
  • Back up alarm
Optional Features
  • Operator Cabin Air Pressurization System
  • Utility/Pipeline trencher conversion kit
  • Laser Control Equipment
  • Additional buckets, rotaries, and crumbshoes for different canal cross sections and slopes
  • US EPA Tier 4f/EU Stage IV Diesel Engine
Bucket Wheel Trencher Information
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