Eagle Bucket Wheel Trenchers
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Bucket Wheel Trencher Information

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Standard Features
  • Engine: US EPA Tier 3/European Stage IIIA direct electronic fuel injection, turbocharged and aftercooled, 6-cylinder Diesel Engine, approximately 350 HP (261 kW) Interm. Rating @ 2100 RPM
  • Conveyor: Reversible Hydraulic Drive for either right or left discharge, 42 in. (1066 mm) wide. The conveyor length is custom made to fit your application and is rated @ 0-1000 fpm (0-305 mpm)
  • Digging Drive: - No. 1 Shaft mounted gear reduction boxes, flywheel type with hydraulic motor drives. Split sprocket with hub drives wheel rims off segments
  • Undercarriage: G&Z D-5 size Crawlers, sealed chain with Split Master Link. Heavy Duty Planetary gear reduction boxes. Automatic cross-level control of undercarriage. Pivoting structure between Trencher Body and undercarriage frame with manual or automatic hydraulic cylinder control to accommodate minor variations in the berm cross slope grade.
  • Speed: Working speed approx. 0 - 120 fpm (0 – 36 mpm) and Travel speed approx. 0 - 2.2 mph (0 - 3.5 kph).
  • Slopes Possible: 1:1, 1¼ :1 and 1½:1 as ordered. Some limitations may apply. Consults G&Z factory regarding your needs
  • Operating Weight (Approx.): 77,500 lbs. (35,153 kg)

Optional Features
  • Operator Cabin - Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Utility/Pipeline trencher conversion kit
  • Laser Control Equipment
  • Additional buckets, rotaries, and crumbshoes for different canal cross sections. Consult with factory.
  • Laser Elevation and Steering Kit giving Trencher grade, cross slope, and steering control reference from a Laser beam(s). No grade wire required. Grade wire required in curves for steering