Eagle Bucket Wheel Trenchers
Eagle 6600 Rear View
Eagle 6600 Side View

Bucket Wheel Trencher Information

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Standard Features
  • Engine: US EPA Tier 3/European Stage IIIA direct electronic fuel injection, turbocharged and aftercooled, 6-cylinder Diesel Engine, approximately 175 HP (130 kW) @ 2100 RPM, Continuous Rating. Cooling: Special combination engine radiator, heat exchanger, intercooler mounted in front of the engine with pusher fan
  • Conveyor: Reversible Hydraulic Drive for either right or left discharge, 24 in. (610 mm) wide x approximately 7 ft. (2134 mm) long center to center (long enough to reach the Front Pass Conveyor) with belt skirting rated @ 1000 fpm (305 mpm)
  • Shipping Width: 8 ft. (2438 mm)
  • Digging Drive: Hydraulic Motor Driven Gear Box with Integral
  • Flywheel mounted directly to the No. 1 Head Shaft
  • Undercarriage: G&Z D-4 size Crawlers, 16 in. (406 mm) triple grouser pads, 8 bottom rollers, 2 top carrier rollers, SALT Chain with Split Master Link, Rock Guards, spring loaded, grease gun type front idler assemblies Machine equipped with hydraulic cylinder self-level control.
  • Speed Range: Working Speed 0 – 30 fpm (0 – 9.14 mpm), Travel Speed 0 – 200 fpm (0 – 61 mpm)
  • Approximate Weight: Estimated 44,000 lbs (19,909 kg)

Optional Features
  • 14 in. (356 mm) Narrow Bucket Wheel Kit
  • Carbide Teeth
  • Front Pass Conveyor with 24 in. (610 mm) wide belt and supports and separate stinger belt to load out dump trucks
  • Wide triple grousers
  • Side Cutter Sets