Special Equipment
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Past Special Projects

Project: East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California USA Installation of 72" (1.82M) diameter sewage pipe.

G&Z Self-Propelled Shredder/Backfill Processor for mixing kiln dust with wet, sticky native clay soil to produce friable backfill material at high production rates, 300-500 T/hr (272-453 Metric T/hr).

Note: The contractor successfully removed wet, sticky native clay soil (18-20% moisture) from the trench for the 72" (1.82M) diameter sewage pipe; processed the soil through the Shredder/Backfill Processor adding kiln dust (KD-83); and used the treated material for backfill over the pipe. The treated material met Caltrans' structural backfill material requirements. The process and the resulting material were approved by both Caltrans and the East Bay Municipal Utility District.