Concrete Batch Plants

G&Z Concrete Batch Plants outperform single drum and most dual drum mixing plants available in the world today. G&Z Plants with dual cement batch hoppers and wide aggregate weigh belts can theoretically produce up to 50 batches of 12 cyd (9.23 m3) (vibrated and compacted concrete) in an hour when a 30 second mixing time is used.

G&Z aggregate storage bins are load accessible from the ground level with ramps. The bins have sufficient storage capacity to sustain high production rates. The weighing belts rapidly deliver aggregates to the mixer at extremely high accuracies.

G&Z's TSM Series: Twin Shaft Mixers are capable of delivering uniformly mixed, low slump concrete in 30 seconds.

The cement silo gravity feeds into the batch hopper(s) for rapid weigh-up. Dual batch hoppers insure rapid and accurate weighing and discharge of cement and pozzolan into the mixer without cumulative weighing.

The high production plant can be arranged with a footprint as small as 63 ft. x 100 ft. (19.2 m x 36.3 m).

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Concrete Batch Plants

model productivity* min. footprint mobility
MCP Series 50 Batches of 12 cyd (9.23m3)/hr with 30 Second Mixing Time 63 ft. x 100 ft. (19.2 m x 36.3 m) Hyper-mobile

Concrete Twin Shaft Mixer

model size of mixer fresh concrete per batch vibrated & compacted concrete per batch
TSM Series 8 - 13 cyd (6 - 10 m3) 10 - 16.25 cyd (7.5 - 12.5m3) 8 - 13 cyd (6 - 10 m3)

* 'Productivity' may vary based upon site conditions and mix time.