G&Z Concrete Paving Equipment Technology

Guntert & Zimmerman's dedication to innovation and constant improvement of the state of the art paving technology make its pavers and support equipment the most advanced in the market. G&Z has benefited over the years by partnering with their contractor customers to produce equipment that increases productivity and achieves the best and highest quality results. Our devoted engineering team is consistently challenged to take comments and feedback from the field and turn those suggestions into practical working solutions for the end user.

G&Z's equipment is produced with the greatest attention to detail and quality. The innovative technology designed into each G&Z product is unmatched in the industry. G&Z's productive and dependable options give the contractor the tools necessary to successfully compete in an increasingly tougher and competitive market.

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine 90 Degree Steering

90 Degree Steering

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine Operator Controls

Operator Controls

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine Crowning Capability

Crowning Capability

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine Cure System

Cure System

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine Tining System

Tining System

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine Jacking Columns

Jacking Columns

TC1500 Texture Cure Machine UltraSonic Stringless Sensors

UltraSonic Sensors

Transport the TC1500 Texture Cure Machine