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Compact Dowel Bar Inserter Introduction

Since concrete slipform paving began, there has been a need for mechanical Dowel Bar Inserters (DBI) to eliminate the costs and inconveniences associated with dowel supporting baskets which must be secured to the subgrade ahead of the paving operation. The DBI eliminates the need for extra manpower to handle and install the dowel baskets and allows concrete to be dumped on grade in front of the paver. The position of the dowels inserted with the DBI are as good or better than those supported on baskets.

G&Z and its associates pioneered DBI technology starting in the late 1970s. When developing G&Z's 2nd Generation Compact Dowel Bar Inserter, G&Z focused on making successful DBI technology even better. The patented CDBI structure is now a single, self-supporting module designed to speed adding and removing the CDBI from the paver. The optional CDBI self-loading kit eliminates the need for a crane to load / unload a trailer. The CDBI quickly mounts on the rear of a standard G&Z Four-Track Slipform Paver. This patented feature allows conversion back and forth between DBI and non-DBI paving in a matter of hours.