G&Z Parts Department

Guntert & Zimmerman’s Parts Department is one of the company’s many assets. The Parts Department is available 24/7 reducing downtime and giving our customers the peace of mind that we’re always available.  G&Z Inside Sales, has close to two decades of parts experience with G&Z machines. Their expertise allows our customers to receive the right parts the first time. 

As a company, we pride ourselves in our customer service.  That is why we stock parts at our facility to ensure availability when a customer needs it. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you quickly. With G&Z it’s not necessary to talk to an under stocked distributor. Customers speak directly to the manufacturing plant in Ripon, CA.  If you do not know the part number G&Z's staff can promptly locate the correct part for your machine and in many instances have it shipped the same day.

Parts Department:
+1 (209) 599-0066 ext 236


Current Parts Department Upgrade and Conversion Kits

Final Finisher PLC Conversion Kit:
Upgrade replaces mechanical relays and contacts in the control box used to control the Final Finisher with an IDEC PLC. This provides the benefits of a slowdown feature at the end of travel and alternating stopping locations at the reversal point. The upgrade includes all hardware, software, bench testing of the PLC, and updated pages for your Parts Manual.
For G&Z Models S850, S1000 & S1500.

Spreader Plow Track Cushion Kit:
A robust shock dampener has been incorporated on the spreader car track to soften the impact the spreader car makes at the stops. This kit is easily added in the field with some welding required.
For G&Z Model S850 only.

CDBI Crown Follower Kit:
This replaces the hydraulic valve system with an electronic feedback system and valves to allow the CDBI pan to follow the main paving kit through a transition.
For G&Z Compact Dowel Bar Inserter.

Texture/Cure Networked Controller Upgrade Kit:
Replace operator and elevation control boxes using analog amplifiers with a single control box using modern digital microcomputer control. This kit simplifies hydraulic plumbing and wiring across the machine. The micro-controller system is self diagnostic and user friendly – similar to what is used on the pavers. With the micro-controller upgrade kit, you can also add ultrasonic sensors for grade and automatic crown control.

Dual Point Crown Computer Kit:
This kit provides computerized crown control at one or two locations on the paving kit. This is especially useful for paving with a centerline crown and a shoulder break. Dual Point Crown Computer includes a graphical color display with video capability. This upgrade replaces the existing single point Crown Computer and can be added to any G&Z slipform paver with a crown.
For G&Z S850, S1000 & S1500 Slipform Pavers.

Extended Width Kit:
With this proven Extended Width Kit, the S850 paver can extend out to 36' (10.9m) wide for highway paving on a zero blanking band or to 37 ½' (11.43m) for airfield paving. Kits are available for both crowned and non-crowned applications. The kit is applicable for use on any paving width of 30' (9.14m) wide and over. Some welding is required for installation.
For G&Z S850 Slipform Paver only.

Metering Gate Terminal Support Cylinder Relocation:
The kit allows for the Metering Gate to be terminated up to 2' (610mm) from the side form instead of the original 1' (305m). Also, the kit assists in sectionalization by combining the metering gate and vibrator rack. Relocating the support cylinders for the terminals of the Metering Gate allows more fresh concrete to flow into the corners of the mold to produce better edges.
This kit was developed to update older S850 pavers.

Front Tie Bar Inserter (FTBI) Conveyor Bar Transfer Kit:
The FTBI Feed Ramp Kit improves even feeding of tie bars to the inserter track to minimize jams. The kit includes cogged sprockets for the chain feeder shaft and weld-on ramps. With this kit, the reliability of the chain feeder increases dramatically.